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Monday, March 22, 2010


Here it is the 22nd of March and it is snowing outside.

I started my to do list yesterday. I got the Gravely started, allowed it to run a while as I collected my other pieces. Got it moved through the soft grass and Jerry took care of the flat tires. I didn't have time to take them off and replace them with the thin ones BUT I will get to it at some point. I was eager to get the bush hog off and get the three pieces to the tiller on the silly thing. Just as I got it all together, the sun disappeared and the dark clouds moved in. I rushed over to the one little spot I had in my mind that I was going to get finished before the rain moved in... but it started a steady sprinkle just as I made it to my perfect spot. I had to stop... Put the silly thing up and ???? frankly ... I gave up for the day.
I rarely just give up, but smelling like grease for two days, arms shaking from the old machine, and rain stopping me in my tracks was just enough. Not to mention it never got warm yesterday, and has only gotten colder sense then.

As I sit here and type, it flakes from the sky, the horses are out but blanketed, the flowers are drooping and the heat is back on full steam!

It is hard to believe the weather we have had this year... not just where I am but across North America, I am amazed!

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