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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I have had two wonderful days in the last three days.

Lets just put Monday out of our minds... Mondays are always bad and frankly ... I wish I could forget them.

But ... Sunday was a good day.  I spent all day with one of my life long friends Troy.  For the last 10 years we have seen little if nothing of each other, but he is in my area for a while and I hope to have a partner in crime to go do day adventures in the area with....
Sunday we went to the Biltmore.  EVERYTHING at the Biltmore is OVER and BEYOND what you could ever expect for a "home"

Troy and I took the audio tour and enjoyed the walk to four level and a basement.  Although after taking it we both with we had done the behind the scene tour or better yet roof top tour.  Keep this in mind if you do go.  AND if you only do the audio tour make sure to listen to the additional info you have to type in per your map. 

Otherwise spend the 12:95 get the paper back and take the audio tour home with you in bound form with pictures....

At any rate we had a good time.

Walked around through the green houses, the gardens today are all domant.  I hated that Troy didn't see them in all their glory BUT I can only hope it gives him another reason to come back later in the spring for all the bulbs or summer for all the roses, fruit and other flowers in their hay day!!!!!

The scenery took us to the glory of in door growing... three green houses in origional form... I can only imagine...

I love it when people get to enjoy the Biltmore and other things in the area...

I took the horses over to our property while I was doing a little work... I allowed them to play.... what is WRONG with all this... while the fence keeps them out of the road at this point, the fence is in NO WAY complete... they could have run away at any point they wanted, while I was working. 
Jerry was there sitting at the largest opening... but something tells me if they came running and kicking... he would LET them run by him with no question of who was going to be larger than whom.
It is hard to see the little speck that is me... but I am throwing seed.
 The neighbor has a german shepherd... Sweet Pea was really keeping an eye on him.

He never once got too close for comfort.

Navarre did nothing but play in the mud and EAT like a PIG...  Can you say NASTY!!!!!
He is the worst looking thing unless he is VERY clean... of which I HOPE to give him a bath this week!


  1. It is SO COOL to see your horses on your property!! I love it!! :)

  2. Thanks... I had to take them over... I've done it ONE more time sense.. but need to MOVE them there for good ASAP $$$$$