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Saturday, March 20, 2010

This Weeks To Do List... Honey Please...

Today is only the second beautiful day of the year. It is the first time I have had to take off my long sleeve shirt to expose my short sleeves because I was getting to hot.

The wind is blowing just perfectly today.
The horses are warm, the ground is finally drying out.

My bobcat guy, my backhoe guy have stopped by the house and are hoping to work on Joe's place next weekend. Which means I have to have the gravel/granite ready to be applied. So call!!! Jeff.

In the next few days... my list consist of ...
Getting the tires on the Gravely changed out. Fat tires are flat and the smaller tires are better for the garden anyway.
Getting the Gravely started.
Getting the bush hog OFF the gravely and getting the tiller on. NOT easy for just one person.
Getting the garden tilled before it rains again.

Get an OLD fence post from my estate to use at Joes.
Get 6 fence boards to use / replace at Joes.

Get the crushed granite ordered and delivered.
Get the Gravel ordered and delivered to my place as well.

Get the Poles purchased for my place, so I can put up fences and gates.
Get the fencing cut!
and applied to areas where I am going to be using trees.

Ask TROY over here so he can tell me what else I need to do, in what order, and HOW to get it done.

Get the auger to dig polls... but this can go on next weeks list.

Like everyone else this is all on top of the normal daily things. Spring... I love it but it is so busy it makes my head spin. Thank goodness I know how I want the garden done, what I hope to plant where and I already have that schedule on hand/ working around the weather of course.

The spring list is getting longer. The summer list is being made and the FALL list is starting to pile up. LONG TERM Plans... what makes it work today but better tomorrow?

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