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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back on Track, but stopped by the rain.

Yesterday was such a perfect day!

I got the fence down,
got the mud dug out of the dry lot
Got Road Bond put back in...
     Repaired a rut going down to the pasture.
    Got a good drainage ditch dug around the fence
Got Sand/silt/screaning.... what ever you want to call it... put back in MOST of the dry lot.

We worked all day... stopping only 30 minutes for lunch, and then had to stop at dark.
I got my truck fully unloaded, filled back up, unloaded again
Got the mats out of the barn area... all but two that I will need till I get my barn/shed up on my place...
I also got 25 more bails of hay, loaded and unloaded.
Got the poles set in concrete for the fence to go back up.
     Got the poles measured correctly in hopes of using the boards that were not broken or chewed by the horses.
I got more rails from my place to replace the broken/ chewed ones anyway...

I still have about a 10 x 25 foot area that needs more road bond and sand... but I am VERY happy with all I did yesterday.  Considering road bond was put down with the backhoe, but all the fine tuning was by hand and ALL the sand was spread by hand....

while the fence was still down at 8 am this morning and the horses spent the night in the pasture... something I never allow.  I got over there by 8am and tacked up some boards to keep them in BUT not any good boards, as it is raining, soggy and I am not willing to use what little electric/battery operated tools I have in the rain.

As it looks Tuesday will be my next day to get the fencing up perfectly.  I can not wait.

Joe and Steve seem to be happy with all my hard labor to their place.  I am happy that it looks so much better and more functional for them, me and a new buyer if life allows.

I will have to take pictures when I get DONE. 

I sit here and all I can do is laugh!

While I tend to stay active... you have to remember I do sit at a desk typing, talking and shipping all day.  Yesterday!!!!! oh my I sat down four times.  lunch, travel to get concrete (old bag set up due to all the humidity we had this year) travel to get hay ( not three miles) and one more time I made EVERYONE stop, sit and relax a minute....

My body hurt so bad last night I had to turn on the electric blanket just to relax enough to go to sleep, every time I turned it off the pain awakened me not thirty minutes later.  

It hurts to breathe... much less move... But this is the kind of HURT I welcome.  I did it!  I got it all done, know more about how I want my place done.  And now I know I CAN DO IT ! ... accomplishing all the updates at Joes only makes me more sure of my decessions at my place, for me, for the horses, and for building sheds, barns, gates, and arbors... I am a VERY happy person today.
The pictures have NOTHING to do with yesterday... but spring is comming and I am enjoying what spring has given me in the past. These are two types of lavender I have in one of my gardens.  LIFE IS GOOD

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  1. haha! I can relate! I know that kind of pain that comes with a crazy work day and that satisfaction of what you accomplished! Love ya friend! Congrats on all of your successes! Can't wait to see what you've done with the place!!!!