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Friday, April 2, 2010

Beautiful Days allowed me Much Work, Lots Completed.

Blood Root blooming on the Estate...

Many things are starting to show signs of spring.... The red buds are starting to come out!  The "Buttercups" are all in bloom, Tulips are starting to show full leaves, and the weather is finally what you would imagine as spring.

I have had several things done in the last week.... Joe's place is still not finished but is starting to be so beautiful I don't want to leave. 

They have delicate flowers in bloom, all over the place, bushing bursting with color... and they have swept/raked up all the winter fallen leaves, branches and brush...

I have no idea what flower this is... but they are delicate and beautiful.

I enjoy driving to the barn with such beautiful surroundings.... I hope I can only do 1/2 as well at my barn.

of which.... leads me to... the changes on the estate...

My Garden area is now open to the sun!  I am so excited!
I went from this...

to This...  Big difference... BUT a great spot for me to prep for three cherry trees, four peach trees, and cranberry bushes...

I hope to build this area UP so my garden is a raised garden for as I get older... saving my back from leaning over etc...

You can see the shape of the hill behind the garden which will only protect it from the North Wind... allowing me another zone and good protection for my fruit trees. 

This should show to be a good spot... and I have plenty of years to get the weeds out as I can... and getting the soil ph perfect for all it will have ahead of it.

I see a round garden...What do you see?

Just another view from 1/2 way UP the hill behind the garden area... and still I couldn't get it all in frame.

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