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Friday, April 30, 2010

Nothing, but my brain in tired.

I have done little to be so tired but I am not sleeping well due to the sounds around me at night.  It is all starting to add up.

I have merely dragged tree trunks, limbs out of the way for building the barn this morning.  and NOT by hand by a log chain and the truck, dragging them to the middle of the field to dry and burn.

I have worked up only a few packages, few international shippings and quotes, taken care of the horses, birds and eaten a bowl of cereal.  But I am ready to take a nap.

I have wood to go get as soon as I can get out of the office.
2x4's and 4x4's
I need to reserve/rent a site level? er???
I need to check on the concrete for sunday, figure out how many bags,
Get the water container back in the truck AFTER unloading all the wood above.
Get the container full again... Strap it down for safety!  I've dented the truck bed with it already!  Mountain roads... and the weight of the water!  you just gotta laugh...

I need to clean the house, bird cages, and stalls
I need to spray the pasture with broad leaf spray.
I need to spray the cleaned area under the trees with DEATH.. round up... ha ha ha...
I need to find some one who can get the gravely started... I desperately need it but can't get it started at all.
I need to get the harness from the ferrier he said he would give me, and have Navarre drag some of the trees into piles.
I need to go mark more trees so Karl will cut them down for me.
I need to go have the chain for the chain saw sharpened... i got a new one this morning but I need the old one sharpened so it will be easier on the saw, but had to have one while other out of commission.

I need all this done in the next 24 48 hours... do you think it will happen NO NO NO>>>> but this is my reference list. 

I'll let you know how it goes/ went later.

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