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Monday, April 19, 2010

X marks the spot!

Where do you start on a dream?  Where do you start when it is a necessity?   After having my dream drawn up in a realistic form years ago as blueprints... X marks the spot to start.

This is where I want the corner of the building!   What else do we have to do?

We only have to tilt the world off it's axis to make everything else come to a reality...

I am a person who given the chance will try most things once, TRYING to put up stalls for my horses seemed too large a task for me!  It was too large a task for me, but with assistance, guidance and MUSCLE I can achieve a dream thanks to TROY and Jerry.

Jerry allows me the life style / budget to put up the barn as TROY is the brains and muscle of the entire operation!  Troy needs only to tell me what to do and I will do my best, not that my best is good enough to get it done but I will apply everything I have to the task at hand.

Troy was NOT happy till the building was in perfect square.
I was fine as long as it looked square!

Troy was worried about my handling my side of the two man auger,

as I was more worried about muscling up the 6x6x16 poles!

I can not start to tell people how hard Troy worked, how much he did alone, or how much it all means to me.
All in all ... in one day... the building was squared out, marked off, 9 holes dug, and 5 poles set in steel and concrete before night fall.  Even though we had an hour wasted on the auger being... a tempermental machine.

the last of the 16 footers is not in the ground due to a boulder that needs to be removed.  One more task on my to do list...

I know I can't do it! But we will get it figured out one way or another!

Troy's signature on the base of our new barn...

view from the road...
view from what will be the back... or towards the house.
View of 1/2 of their new temp. pature... this will NOT stay this way but will allow me to put them on the property for the time being.
A closer look...
A Happy Horse... she rolls like a dog EVERY time I take her over...

Navarre... Just eats NONSTOP!

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