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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


While my days are always non stop LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! ...

Yesterday When I took the horses to the property, allowing them to eat fresh grass... I swept up brush, I took the pictures on yesterdays post, but after that I took a rest...

I laid in the grass, with over cast and a slight breeze.  I could have gone to sleep but both horses one by one came over to me, nosing me to either make sure I was ok or I was in their way laying on grass they wanted to eat.

Either way I enjoyed the sound of their eating, the wind, the birds, and most of all the silence.  Where I am right now ...as I type this, lawn mowers rumble the air, tractors hum in the back ground and a five lane road with traffic sounds off in with the roar of tires. 

This morning started with an 8 am delivery of more wood, Wood for the band of the barn, and what ever else I could afford to finish the roof.  I will order more next week if finances allow, other wise I have enough right now to keep me going.

The quiet of being over on our place so early in the morning allow my mind to clear and get a day started with ease, feeling refreshed instead of rushed from one animal to the next before I started in on my computer and phones for work.  I can not wait to have the horses over there.

I so enjoy where the horses are right now! 
Not only to I enjoy it but it has inspired me to do more with my place than I ever would have given all the other barns I have been in, seen, or taken care of.

I can mark off areas that will be strange for the horses and make them perfect for me to enjoy the horses, like Joe and Steve have where the horses are today. 

My to do list is getting longer instead of shorter... BUT the list is full of things I can more likely do on my own. 

Wish me luck... I am hoping to get a gate up to the pasture this week!  So proping it up and getting it on will be my largest challenge this week.  Other wise I am eager to make the place more appealing, by cleaning and sowing more seed, weeding, and killing things that do not belong. 

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