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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gray Dull but productive....

The sky's here are gray, full and rain off and on.   But the work never stops.  2 gates are up and a shade hut is made / all be temporary but will keep Navarre from getting too hot if necessary...  It is not what I want for long but to get the horses moved it is what I need. 

Having spent no money on the structure only using trees that needed to be cut down from the property in order to allow the others to become more healthy was my goal.   Using scraps is always a good thing.  When the barn is up, when I have a place for them to stay dry, warm, or in the shade I will tear down the structure and use the poles for fencing along the road!   Not to keep anyone in or out but to create a natural visual barrier that says... I'm trying... give me time!

I'll take pictures later today!

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