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Sunday, April 25, 2010

While the picture is old... Life here is all the same. 
I have taken the day off.
This may very well be the first day in months I have not been to the estate.

There has been much work done, and more to be done this week, but I am in need of a rest. 

While I had planned on taking yesterday off to ride, rain, wind and general weather stopped me, then a nice person offered to get the large rock out of our way so we could get the rest of the barn up next Sunday.

If anyone reading this wants to do hard labor... just show up Sunday! We are planning to put the 6x6x20's in the ground, shoot the area level, get the band up and some of the rafters.

I have not taken the horses over today and hope not to.  I don't want them running on a wet pasture with new grass and the rest of the good grass eaten down.  I will take them over tomorrow and lock them in their little pen. 

My list for the week...
Hook up the last of the electric fencing, and make it hot.
Paint off the end of the 20 footers and have them dry to be set by next Sunday.
Fence off three little pastures and spray two out of three of them with poison for broad leaf issues.
Plant grass in the shaded areas already fenced off
Get water and feeders set up in the pen.
Spray the rosabunda???? wild rose bushes that are a pain the the tuckus....
Start the research on replacement trees, as a nice little area of the property is now been ridden of the horrible poplar trees growing like weeds... I have left several GOOD size poplars but... wish to start the replacement process with real trees that belong in the area and will be beautiful to walk, eat, and live under.

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