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Friday, April 9, 2010

Windy Day!

While last week was in the 70's and 80's
Yesterday was all wet and rain...
Today is wind and sun, lucky if we hit 60...

The roller coaster of sping is wound tight and about to release it's fear upon gardners, farmers and hobby life styles like mine. 

     Do you remember the old rock 'n roller coaster at was Opryland?   round and round, as your head bounced, banged, and shook you into a dizzy state.  It was more the roughness of the ride than the elevation and thrust of the machine.  As I believe it will be with this years spring season.  UP, Down, Round, Round, Side to Side... Dizzy ... not knowing what to do next.

I can only hope to get some time to clean up the estate for more area to pin up the horses for a while.

I ordered... 6x6 in 16 and 20 foot lengths today.
I ordered ... some of the 2x8's we will need.
I ordered ... some of the lag bolts we will need... along with corresponding washers.  not able to deliver any time soon, but at the least it is started...
found a place to get the mixer, and auger at the same time 
I got the bit, more string, another cutter for the barn....

What task is next??? I only have several going.... Nothing finished... Nothing settled.  besides the project details above. this over view is my worry list.

Trees, cherry, and locus?  I'll go check on them later today.
Poles... for gates need to be moved into area of placement.  three front, two side, two barn area...
Garden (estate)
Garden (house)  clay is too wet to bother it.
Truck needs to be emptied...      more fence rails, the stall pads, the dirt, the fence lines, tape and electric,
I need to set up the solar fencing       , get it grounded so it will be fully charged when I need it.
Gravely... is dead again???? I have taken apart the carberator... the gas line, the gas tank... it clicks... it tries to turn and dies... no its not the choke either... ????

 I broke my grandfathers hole diggers... there are no replacements for that type of handle any more.. I will keep them, as I have never seen diggers that were made in such a way??? , but had to get a new digger.
Broke the handle on the hoe... need to go get a new handle as soon as I can.


My honey do list for myself just gets to be more and more.... too bad I don't have a "honey" to pass it on to!

I did however call a hand/helper that I hope to show up around noon on Sunday... I wish it was today, I wish it were tomorrow, but ANY time will help!  Yeah.... Help at last. help at last.

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