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Thursday, April 15, 2010

why no post you ask?

I've been asked lately ... why no post?   Hard work, Demanding Time restraints , and just life... Here is an outline.

Well it is not that I did not want to!  It was
1. My car died on my again... I drive a Honda Insight 2000, stick, two seater... NOT to be confused with the newer, larger, ??? more advanced Insight. 
     They don't make my car any more... they have changed the Battery systems for the newer version...after not making it at all for 3 years.
     I was about to make an appt for changing the oil when... driving my normal routine home from the barn the car died... I tried starting it again... it cranked over easily but cut it self off in less than 2 seconds of running.
     I parked the car... called Jerry and ... Had it towed the next day.
     At the moment of having it towed I called Apple Tree to inform them in DETAIL what was going on ... what to expect... please check out the car.... etc...
     By 11am I got another call from the dealer ... and silly me expecting it to be a report of possible issues... It was a call asking Why do I have your car?  
     This went on.... and on from a drivers stand point... I had to quit work, and go sit with the car in order to just have it looked at... FINALLY by 5pm I did have a possibility of Maping computer, mouse/rat eating on wiring, or ... we can't find anything wrong with it!   Great... so I asked them to keep it, test drive it, change the oil, give me extra oil on the ticket... as you can't purchase the silly stuff ANY WHERE ELSE... 0/20 NOT 10w/30 like a normal car....

The car thing went on for several days... and basicly to them I am an over active "FEMALE" with no knowledge of cars.     Nothing was done to the car except oil change... check up cost me OVER $80.00 and no check up print out was given when I was picking it up and asked about the brakes etc... you know NORMAL stuff we all need to know about our cars...
2. With days of NO CAR... Days of driving a 250 attached to a trailer... I didn't want to hook up and un hook twice a day... as I am taking the horses to the estate to get their stomach's more ready to be moved over... so they don't collic or founder on me when I do move them. ... this alone takes  a little of my daily time.

3. Return trips to the Dentist... two trips.... my normal, my oral maxifacial surgeon... I had to borrow Jerry's SUV to go back and forth... Neither has room for a long bed and long horse trailor...   leaving Jerry stranded at the house as he can't even start the diesel...

4. Work... what is life with out an income?   But I learned ALL my express shipments had no tracking and I had only shipped 20 or more the week before... MY SCREW UP ... my &^%*&^(*& to play on my nerves... ha ha ha... sometimes we just have to laugh.

5. Fencing ... EVERY NIGHT...  With no one to help... it's challenging figuring out the details I never discussed with PawPaw, Daddy or anyone one else.  It's all a learning curve but well on the way... and not half bad!

6. Poison Ivy from clearing for the fencing... the stuff if rough... going to urgent care later today after I finish this, work and helping a friend....

7. Trying to figure out shade for the horses before the leaves come in full and lush...

8.  I am hoping to move the horses this weekend... we shall see.. Quite frankly... I'm so tired I am not sure I can get it done.

A picture of my work gloves is attached... Holes worn in the fingers and my new replacements behind them... I only had the gloves for 8 months...   BUT I do wear them and use them EVERY DAY....

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