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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

From THIS>>>>

To THIS.......Can you see the improvements...? or am I just CRAZY?
You don't have to answer that!!!!!

this will be the horses view...

I know it is a mess, but this is the horses new shade area... as we started cleaning out the trees that were killing the larger trees we were NOT left with enough shade for Navarre, so we used the trees we cut down to make a shade area... NOT a weather proof area but heat is Navarre's worst enemy.

Once I have the barn this wood will be used to make a zig zag fence in the front of the property, you know the OLD style fence no nails, no cutting etc... , to make it look nice and more kept...
this allows the west and easterly  winds blow through but cuts off the southern sun, just what he needs to survive.
Thus.. the view from the REAL barn area!

This is the ROCK that slowed our putting up polls last we worked on the barn... Now that it is out of the way we are planning to KICK it all day Sunday and knock out as much as we can!    While it looks TINY I could NOT move this thing alone? not sure two of us could have moved it, but Lars and his machine tossed it like it was a ?  tennis ball for a dog to fetch!

I can not wait! Work! YES ! Work = BARN !!!

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