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Monday, April 5, 2010

How do you title the PERFECT WEEKEND

Going backwards in time... this morning was just as perfect as the weekend.  Driving up to the barn and seeing my little boy eager to greet me (ONLY for his morning feed) all of a sudden he is starting to look like the horse I dreamed of all my life.   That forelock that hangs over his eyes, down his nose and beyond his manley handlebar mustach.  The mane that flows on both sides of his neck, the muscles in his neck that show definition from work.   The hind end that is something only a work horse would have at his age, a butt that is (by vanner standards... called) the perfect "APPLE" butt.  That tail, which if I wanted attention I could allow it to flow freely... but I keep it braided for his health and saving me time of brushing/cleaning etc... YOU have NO idea.

This sweet thing, sniffs me like a dog each morning, walks me to the feed room and backs up on verbal command (IF he wants his food)

All the while my sweet little girl (SweetPea) stands her distance and watches our little morning routien unfold so she can get her alone time with me as well. 

While they eat, I drag hay down the hill, spread it out so they don't fight over it!  This morning it was all a delight as the tiny blue birds sounded off, probably anouncing the clean blue bird houses ready for a new tenant. 

Squirls, Rabbits, and chipmunks were all out this morning... Sun up , bright and making it easier and more enjoyable to walk back up the mountain, to get the horses, walk back down to lock them in the pasture.... only to walk UP again to get back to the car.


While most were celebrating the rise of Christ ... I too celibrate; but was alone and without a home church.  My mind wanders back to City Road or Forrest Grove the only two places I realy feel at home. 

Troy my dear friend, came over... we took the horses over to the estate to allow them to eat while we worked on laying out their stall/shed.  a simple 25x25 structure.... Nothing big, very simple but necessary for the winter. 

Troy taught me/ TRIED how to do the work... as he did EVERYTHING... we have it square with in 1/4 of an inch...  It is so exciting to see the corners layed out... I am eager to order my 6x6 poles to create my four 12x12 areas...

I can not explain how much his "helping me" / DOING IT!!!! has ment to me.  I owe him more for this than I will ever be able to repay... I will be in dept to him for a LONG LONG TIME....

Navarre finally found the ONE hole I left in the fence... he was searching for shade and water....
While he was slowly walking away SweetPea started to freak out!!!! After catching my little pig;
I put them in the trailer... with the fans on and we got our tools together, and called it a day...

     It is just one of those days... that riding weather was perfect, the trail easy, long and needed.
Lars... handled SweetPea really well and I am happy to have him as a riding partner (hopefully) for the rest of the year.

We are going to try to set up a schedule for us to get togethe;r this way we can work around our working schedules and instead of eating up our weekends EVERY weekend. 

Considering I have not been HOME in what feels like forever.... I would like to go home some weekend if I could.

Ice chest, water, salads, and horses... such a perfect day...

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