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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lots to do, Lots to think about. HOW do I get it all done?

As some of you know... I have a piece of property I am TRYING to get ready for the horses.  Well the time has come to move them, BUT I am NOT ready to do so.

1. Joe and Steve have their house up for sale.  The harsh winter weather has taken its toll on the pasture/ their front yard... so out of respect I need to get their place in perfect condition for the possibility of a spring sale.  They are so good to me, and I can't do ANYTHING that would dampen their possibilites of moving on to the next step in their plans.
     So ... MOVE HORSES/ and RE SEED pasture.

2. This means I have two choices... a) pay someone to allow me to board or pasture my horses.. or b) GET MY PLACE READY...
     a) would allow me to PERFECT my place...  but would cost me the money I would be using to get my place ready...  so...
     b) getting my place ready, and using the money to invest in my own place is the only light at the end of the tunnel (for me)   I hate throwing money away!!!!

3.  So today I priced out temperary fencing at all my local suppliers.
     a) Tractor Supply
     b) Southern States
     c) Fletcher Lawn and Garden
          There are SO MANY differences between each... this is going to be an all day thing going from one place to the other getting my supplies ready.
     I still have two other places I have to price out.
     d) Lowes
     e) Home Depot
          Why am I pricing out items with these two... because I was never "normal" and I am still in the planning stages and willing to think out of the box. ..

So Thinking OUT of the box in order to save money.  While I have NO BARN, NO STALLS... I do have trees and more trees... So. I figure in order to save money... for the summer I will simply allow the horses access to the woods in order to keep them cool during the day.   This will require money I didn't want to spend BUT WILL in order to save a few dollars in the long run.

In order to save a little of the money I will have to spend on Temporary Fencing; I am going to make a fence around the "barn/stall" area with fallen small trees.  This will give me a visual and keep the horses OUT of the area till I can get it ready for them. This is something I can do myself, even if it is moving ONE small branch a day, stacking it appropriately. Allowing me to plant something that will GROW UP the embankment, and keep them away from where I will have to store a few things in order to build a shelter for the winter.

What am I pricing out????
  Fence post... T-post 5 foot or 6,  and Step in post just to save the pasture as much as I can....
     Caps for safety for both
     Insulators for fencing...
     Post planter,
     and puller
     Electric Fencing....  wire... TAPE 1/2 inch and 1 1/2 inch and 2 inch...
     Solar Fence chargers... there is no electricity where they are going.  a solar is cheaper than an electric hook up....
     Gates, for around back of barn, into barn area, into wooded area,  truck entry to pasture... must be large enough for lime, killer/spray trucks.. (HUGE) as well as hay trucks, and other supplies I will purchase in large quanities... (to save money again in the long run) ....    
     Water containers,
     Hay containers to keep it off the ground. Question?  Do I drill holes in it? Or do I build a cover to protect the hay from rain?    So many decessions?????
     Rock... for footing when it is soggy! What Size, How Much? Where? Do I spend time and money on drainage for this area????  

I know it doesn't look like much, but when you start adding up 5cents here and there... it will pay off for me to go to each place in a circle to get all the cheapest supplies I can.

If ANYONE has an idea of what I am NOT thinking about ... PLEASE let me know! either on a post here, or a personal email... This all has to go up so fast I know I am going to over look something... HELP!!!



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