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Sunday, March 13, 2011

What a day...

While I had hoped to update yesterdays post with a photo or two, life rolled fast yesterday and I never got the camera out.

I got the gravely...
Got a few rows STARTED...
BUT a dear friend... Karl... stopped by  (Karl is the man that completed my barn, did all my custom work etc) He is someone I now consider a friend, and thus when he showed up with a new car and lots of news I stopped my working, as we walked and talked as people should with friends.
I then had riding for the kids in the neighborhood! While the mothers took care of me providing the social drinks!  An enjoyable day.

It was a day with friends, neighbors and such fun!

I will take the camera today... do much work and update the site as needed.

Sorry for the delay but I enjoy stopping work for people.  In todays time so few stop work for anything, when in fact the most important things in life are other humans.

I can only hope each of you can experience the same companionship in your days.

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