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Friday, March 18, 2011

my recent book ...

Crying with Cockroaches  Argentina to New York with two horses. 

I have but started this book, but I itch for the next free moment I have to pick it up again.  It is not a book most would be SO intrigued with ... but for me... it is like reading my own dream.

While Argentina to New York is something I love to hear from motorcyclist ... Hank! I think of you each time!  His Journey...   , (  you must go to his blog... check it out, but ... as I have taken you to the END of his journey... scroll down to the bottom, press archives... and start at the very beginning... This too is a great electronic read)  Make a note of this site... as he will add to the blog on other trips.  This is a nice man who like Jerry and I loves to travel... but Hank is a REAL traveler, as where Jerry and I are vacationers compared to him!  His life is what a life should be! (as I see it) 

Doing the same on a horse is...to me is UNREAL!   It has been done, it has been attempted SEVERAL times by others, and few have accomplished such a ride. a video of this woman, it is a must see! 

I love to travel! but being alone as a woman with only the companionship of two horses... this book is incredible to me as is the WOMAN that did it!  only 58 pages into the book and I am hooked!  my hat goes off to Marianne du Toit, I wish I was half the woman she is... 

I have spoken of a TINY trip I have always wanted to do... I would love to take my two horses and ride from Fairview NC to Joelton, Plesantview TN or even as far as Franklin to see my family, friends, at one time I wanted to ride down the parkway to Florence AL where my father is from.  But there are no longer relatives there for my visit.    

I would be terrified just riding a horse on roads I have traveled in Mexico, which are now an issue for tourist,  much less a woman alone with horses.  The open road I once traveled with Jerry and later again with my Father have now been overcome with evil, Americans have been killed and no longer do I dream of going back to such places.  I remember them for the glory they once were.

What ever your passion is... Hank and Marianne are both examples of what you can do with so little.  Life should always be an adventure, these two are humans that push their limits as we all should.

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