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Monday, March 28, 2011

Of Course!

My poor horse ...
He was smothering in his winter coat by 9 am in 50 degree weather going up to 70's I had to get that coat off! So I take the time to shave him, even his legs as they were chapped, the cornet band is NOT healthy, and we needed to see the angle of his legs for a good spring shoeing.

I got it all done, then the weather turns to freezing!   I mean snow, and even a cold that harms cold crops! I've got him all bundled up in a blanket AND a rain coat! It's a lot of work as it still gets into the 50's as a high and the rain coat or the blanket has to come off by mid day.

His feet are looking much better, now if mother nature would just calm down and give us our spring back all would be perfect!

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