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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My weekend...

no I have not been posting pictures as of late, but life is a little full at the moment!

With over 70 degrees here Navarre starts to sweat early in the morning, so it was time to shave off all that hair.
These are the during pictures... as I have YET to find the time OR an assistant to assist me with trimming his legs.

Whats the big deal? well LOOK at all that hair on his legs... is your horse THIS hairy?

My poor ragged child... My mother NEVER allowed my hair to look so bad, SO OFF it goes!

Yep! Mane and all.  WHY? because just look at it! Just before I moved the kids to my barn, he litterally ripped out a full braid of mane.  so it's taken this long for it to grow out 6 inches.  SO ALL THE REST HAS GOT TO BE EVENED OFF to the same length.

BRAID his hair everyone told me... NO he's not that kind of horse I'd say... But it is the only way to save a mane that long.  OK.. so I tried it! Sure enough I WAS RIGHT... He is NOT that kind of horse. HE rubbed, pulled, and had the hair gone down to the roots in a day!  

ALWAYS listen to your own voice... WHY I listened to the crowd I have no idea! LESSON learned.

ONE good strip up the neck!   After all I didn't want to ROACH his mane!

ONE good look at Jerry!   DUDE! DAD! aren't you going to help me out here?

a hint to all you people with blue eyed horses... I did NOT cut the forelock above his eyes... he needs some type of natural protection.

as far as ME in the photo... wind and HAIR in my face.... I was doing the best I could.  Besides better in my face than his, so... life goes on and the work must be done.

I can almost feel a breeze on my skin! AHHHHH

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