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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not a typical week.

While today is only Wednesday, it is early and I sit at my desk with time to spare.
I have not gotten an e-mail in over 24 hours! Yikes!
It is not our business going down the tubes, it is not that the world hates me, it is my server has lost my e-mail and insist it does not exist.

There are days you just have to laugh in order NOT to cry!   I have lived in several states amongst several years over 10 so not to include ALL my years with this e-mail and somehow I (as an e-mail) no longer exist.

I would appreciate if the world doesn't get too upset at me, as I have been VERY upset with my server, I have tried communications, calling, e-mailing, I am at the point of sending snail mail to get help!

I will try again today but please call me if anyone needs anything.

So Daddy... I did not get your picture!  but don't try to send it till I have this figured out!
Mother! I haven't forgotten you, but I have no idea is anything is LEAVING my computer, I only know NOTHING is coming in.

Dear Sisters... as we do not talk everyday I do at least respond to emails without attachments, I apologise if you have sent correspondence and gotten no word back.

to the rest of the world... I'll be in touch as soon as I can!

COMPUTERS! and people wonder why I enjoy my simple life! ha ha ha....

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