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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

it must be said.

Japan.  My heart goes out to everyone in that country.  Native, visiting, others around the world that were there OR have love ones still there!

My rant is not one the typical American will want to hear! But take note people!  Japan is being honorable in their pure wish of survival.  They wish only good on each other and are NOT RANTING to their government to do more, or hurry up, they are taking personal responsibility for themselves and welcoming any assistance given to them.

This is how Americans should be acting in emergency situations... but instead the typical American starts ranting on what the government did not do, has not done, and how slow they were.  They start looting goods from stores, stealing from neighbors no longer able to defend their property.

Instead in the horrible situation of " Katrina" the citizens made fools of themselves yelling about how no one was helping them, no one was doing anything, and even today... how people have forgotten.  I can tell you no one has forgotten Katrina or the aftermath of the destruction, BUT I also will not forget how many yelled, screamed, and cursed the rest of the country for not doing enough.  

I have to take responsibility of my own actions.  Why is the government suppose to be responsible for everything!   It is not! It is for assistance not a lifestyle or life supporter.  Get with it people and take note of how well Japan is handling the strongest earth quake in charted history! Take note on how well and organized they are handling the tsunami that only amplified the effects of the earthquake.    These people are my heroes in modern day.

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