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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It is a cold, wet day!

While I sit at my desk... the sky is gray, the wind still, but cold settles into my body.

It is hard to regulate an old house made of stone with no insulation and real plaster walls.  It is the time of year we like to start cutting back on our outrageous electric bills, conserving it for winter months alone.

We don layer after layer, in the chill of our little place in order to not need as much of the poorly executed wall baseboard heaters...   I often wonder how they were ever the heat of choice; but a place like ours, tiny, tight, and no closet to spare there is little space to put the two units necessary as central circluation in this place.

I can only await a brighter day so I can be outside enjoying mother nature instead of in any house regardless of its structure or insulation.

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