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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Almost scary! a perfect weekend.

A relaxing day... yesterday... horses, prepping their food for my being on the road.  Yes Jerry will be home so there is no worry of my putting this here!   But with Navarre as he is I had to prep all his added goodies that go in his food everyday.

Cleaned the barn.  While this sounds horrible to most, it is relaxing to me.  I love a clean barn, as do my horses, they do not use the barn for excrement if it is clean.  If it is clean there are no flies! which makes life that much nicer!

I took a book outside read a few chapters/ something I rarely have time for these days.
Took a long needed nap. in the sun... no more farmers tan on my back! now I just need to fry my front! ha ha ha...
When out to dinner with my lover...

Back to the barn for two little girls to ride.

And then back home to sleep.

Today I slept late, got up played with the birds, and then left for a morning of nothing but riding alone on the mountain.

 It was perfect! EXCEPT for the bugs.  Bugs are so bad this year I've been learning a few new tricks! like wearing SO MUCH SUN SCREEN on my face they stick to it and not get in my eyes.

  It is the hardest thing to ride a horse and not be able to see.  So sunglasses and MASSIVE amounts of sun screen keep them out of my eyes...   It is HORRIBLE but it works.  Jerry had to take a picture when I got home.  So I am sharing it with everyone else for a good laugh as well.

At any rate I absolutely enjoyed every minute out today.  I finished my second ride about 12noon just before the sun made its worst appearance.   I believe I'll go down town for a walk a little later, I hear the chocolate fetish and the Parisian cafe calling my name as I might just sit eat and people watch!

much love to you all.

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