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Thursday, June 30, 2011

thought provoked by my sister.

While her post was about travels and religion, it provoked my thoughts about Navarre. my incredible sister blog... take a read! She is an incredible woman

Here I dreamed for such a long time.
Planned for just as long.
Spent more money than two new NICE cars.
and I hit a brick wall!

My dream/ relationship all twisted as this horse continues to be sickly, the one genetic issue I had no knowledge of. Yes we are working on a perfect daily schedule for him, and yes we hope to settle him into a perfect world once again. But I worry about him daily, and my heart aches if he doesn't rush out to meet me for feeding time.

My life had been simple, I worked at home, I played at home, and spent all my extra time at the barn on or with my horses. (Thanks to my loving husband)   I now have three jobs instead of one,  just so I can pay his vet bills.

His supplements are not cheap.
His needs are not simple. Time consuming and lots of physical demands on me.

But the absolute pure joy I get when I get to ride him is UNREAL!  It takes me back to being a little girl sitting on my tiny pony and thinking I was on top of the world.  He is a comfortable mount, he has a delight of a personality, and the wind through his mane is like flying through a cloud.

I joked with my Aunt the other day... My grandfather ( PawPaw) would have put this animal down a year or more ago.  So while I am very much like him, I am rather different in some ways as well.   And other horse friends have asked me if he is worth it!

He is ... he is a life I brought into this world and I am responsible for all his care and happiness.  he is worth it!

The journey will just be one a little different than the dream! Slower, a little more aggravating at times, but the journey I was meant to have all the same.

much love to you all.

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