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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I rushed yesterday nonstop!  But for once it all paid off.

I HAD to get help with the hay because it was raining! yes a good little down pour here and there! I was VERY worried and called a trusted helper MIKE.

The only guy he could find to help us was Larry.  Poor Larry had never gotten in hay ( only used it for dog bedding) We gave him the easy task but it was just too much, like me his upper body strength was a little lacking... so I ended up doing 1/2 his job as Mike took up the slack on the other half.

I knew the poor guy would never help us again... AND I knew he would hate me by the end of the day, BUT there is a certain way to load when driving curvy, high grade hills like over here!   So due to the slack, the loose stacking I could only lock in about 43 bails and took 45 the next load.  Normally Mike and I could have added another layer of 19 bails but ... it wasn't worth the risk yesterday!   So we worked from the moment I could get them together till after dark...

Life is amazing when it is dark and storming all around but your hay never gets the slightest drop, I drove VERY slow on the roads that were wet as we chased it too and from the barn more than once.

There is normally another guy that helps Mike and I, but he was working elsewhere and it more than doubled  our work time!   But at least I got help!  As the evening progressed poor Larry was making it worse on himself.  So I showed him how I handle a bail, throwing the last few up in the barn!   You have to learn to use your entire body, if you don't have the arm strength Mike has (which I don't and never will).  Larry stacked the first three tiers of hay and I locked it all in with one of two more layers as Mike drove me around.  I then did all the stacking at the barn as I had them in stacks of 25 but running out of room I needed to add another layer, so I did.  For me it is all about stair stepping it, building it up so I don't kill myself. I do everything like an old man, not a young spry thing I like throwing them up at me!   ha ha ha...

 As I stopped to get them a burger... Poor Larry said... You really know how to humble a man! ? I just looked at him,    ....    I was just out worked by a GIRL!  
 and I said... I just pull my weight Larry!    ...   I just pull my weight!   If you've got animals you have to make sure you take care of them!  Thats all I'm doing!

103 bails 2 weeks ago...
88 bails last night....
Only 178 to go!   I'm getting there! but I'm also running out of room!   You gotta laugh!   I know what I need BUT I don't have the space.

Back to the drawing board!

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