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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Getting older, getting slower.

I SO enjoyed my little experience on Sweetpea the other day, but last night I barely slept... each time I rolled over my hip, my shoulder, and my right knee felt like???? well... such pain it woke me from a dead sleep almost every hour.   I tried to stay on my back, I tried staying on my stomach... but I sleep on my sides and this was just not going to work!

I can only hope the joints get to feeling better soon as I am dying to get back out there and try to take the same route up the mountain just at a little slower pace.  BUT that's what I get for having such young horses... One that jumps out of her skin at her own shadow and the other that... well when he starts to feeling better is likely to throw me several horse lengths when ever he feels like it!

Life ... even with the pain of getting older I'm just not ready to stop any of my passions... I will adapt sooner or later!

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