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Monday, June 27, 2011

Is everyone like this?

Its only Monday and I don't leave town till Thursday night, but I am already nervous about leaving my horses.
My husband is home, my friends are feeding and checking on them, BUT I'm all twitchy about trying to get it all together, make it perfect, and make sure Navarre has anything he needs.

I'm not going to be gone that long, I'm not going out of the country! Only down the road... but too far to drive back and forth to feed them all the time.  Vet knows I'm leaving, Hay area full, and feed bags with supplements are done so the only thing one has to do is... pour out a bag of feed, and pour oil over it! Make sure they have hay and water.

I'm just worried and can't get it out of my mind.  This will after all be the first time I'm leaving Navarre sense his last serious episode with his PPSM, or EPSM... which ever you want to call it!

oh well, the nerves are here to stay, may as well deal with it!

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