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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I finally got to ride again.

It is funny as we get older how our bodies react to not having enough activity.  My little boy ( Navarre) has been very ill, and with his illness at it's height I was not able to take my mare for a ride either.  So over a month I have been without a ride.

Yesterday I got a short ride in on Navarre, VERY short, and then a well needed RUN for the HILLS type ride on Sweetpea, which nearly killed me.

I sit here in pain NOT from muscle aches but my JOINTS are about to kill me.  My hips, and my shoulders!   I can only imagine it is due to how I sat or pulled Sweetpea off balance during our dump truck episode yesterday.    JOINTS???? Am I really this old?

Back to the beginning with her!  A few rears, twist, snorts, and crazy moments I thought we had gotten past! But a U Haul truck... mid size and a construction waste material truck put her on such an edge AT THE SAME TIME... IN a CURVE...  I had to get off and walk her past them AFTER they had turned off their engines.  I suppose they got the message AFTER the third rear, sliding on assfault with her shoes and ME trying to balance for dear life on a bare back pad.  

 I think I need a new non slip girth! my wool is not cutting it for all the rearing that was going on... I ended up riding in front of the pad on the way DOWN the mountain!

Yes I had on my helmet, but I was in a tiny top (trying to get rid of my farmers tan) ... I just knew there was going to be road rash! but it was avoided...  

What is life without a sudden rush of fear or excitement?

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