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Thursday, June 2, 2011

What is up with the FLYs

I am not sure what is going on this year but the flies and the natts are about to kill me!  I came in from cleaning the barn and got THREE bugs in my eyes while washing my face.  They apparently were stuck in my eyelashes or in my sunscreen on my face? not sure but it was a pain!

Every barn I have been to is overwhelmed with knatts? and flies this year.  I have used the feed through for years but it is not working on the flies this year.  Have fly bags, tape and stickers all over the place to help the situation.  I just used TWO bottles of pinesole in the barn to clean it today! I've had it!

usually fly mask are enough, but this year I need the fly sheets for the horses as well.

IF ANYONE has ANY suggestions please pass them on ASAP!  I couldn't work my horses today in peace! bugs bugs and more bugs... Yuck!

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