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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Vet came over, we did sedate Navarre after all and took care of his dental work.  I was worried about Navarre getting worse again, but the vet is happy he is not as bad as last time, and assures me he is on call this weekend and will run over if necessary.  But... Because I am going out of town we did however take extra measures for making sure Navarre does not decline into a state of issue while I am gone.  We had been putting off medicating my little boy, but this is the perfect time to test our plan.  Muscle relaxers! yeah... after all it is his muscles tightening up that is the issue, so this will allow him a little more relaxation and ease my mind.

I am a little happier about my travel plans down the road... of course AFTER I mortar and pestle his 20 pills a day for my being away, put this powder into the already prepared feed and supplement bags.

My car is FULL of horse stuff I am delivering to a friend that takes in horses and finds them new homes.
I have much work and several appointments while I am gone.  I have yet to pack but clothes and toiletries are two bags  and very little to think of.  Shoes on the other hand are always my down fall.  Oh how I do enjoy looking like a girl every once in a while.  Leaving the overalls at home is a treat!

If you expect time out of my schedule I suggest you make your mark now, as very little time presents itself as open.

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