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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Time Magazine.

While debatable... being of sound body and mind...
I want the world to know this!

Now ... WHAT EVERYONE has to take into consideration when reading this is... I am of an age where I am  settled, I have lived! I am NOT a teenager, 20, or even 30 ... I have no children to worry about! I have no one other than the feelings of my husband to contend with.  THESE FACTORS alone allow me more freedom in my choices about the life I choose to live.

I have discussed with Jerry, my parents, my Aunt who travels a hard road right now, as well as one sister.

An article written on "The Refuseniks"   http://www.time.com/time/covers/0,16641,20110613,00.html   

What? Yes Refuse Nicks...  Those of us whom would choose to REFUSE medical treatment for a TERMINAL issue.  

This is an article I think EVERYONE should read for themselves!

It starts out discussing how the medical field see's those of us who would rather suffer with an illness than to treat it in HOPES of battling the issue, are to put it simply NOT STABLE, Depressed, or Simply not well informed of the medical benefits of treatment.

ME? Well I've always been a different character in the novel of life.  I know this; and I know most do not agree with my decisions.   My life is ACTIVE, and while I value life I have certain limitations on what I will accept FOR MYSELF.  I am in NO WAY saying my view should be that of anyone else! I am simply saying I should be allowed to have MY VIEW, MY LIMITATIONS, MY ACCEPTABLE level of life, without the medical field telling me I am wrong, or ill due to my views.

Loose a leg... FINE
Loose an arm ... FINE
Loose an eye... FINE

Loose my mind, my ability to live a simple life alone (if I had to) SORRY but NO THANKS ... I'd rather live out what ever time they try to stamp on my forehead as an expiration date and do what I can with what I have.

I have TWO Aunts... One Maternal, One Paternal BOTH are fighting for their lives TODAY!  While their choices have only secured my thought process developed years ago, it is in no way a major factor of my life theory.

Had I gotten EITHER of their diagnosis... I would have purchased a ticket to Paris, Booked a 4 star hotel, purchased the most beautiful outfit I'd ever seen, eaten till my body could handle no more and lived out the dream of driving along the country side all the way to Ireland, gotten on a horse and dream of life as I ride from castle to castle for at least a month.

Call me crazy! Call me Depressed! Call me what ever you want, but my view of life is something that is lived not something that is a hum drum follow the leader thing from day to day.   It is most certainly NOT the decision to live the last few months of my life being sick and ill from treatments.  If I am going to be sick, allow me to be sick... but provide me with medications that EASE the pain of issues, not add to them in hopes of a turn around.

I work... I work my @$$ off but I work so I can play just as hard.
When I die I do not want regrets, I don't want a "funeral" I want a huge pot luck dinner where people get together and laugh about the stupid things I did!

It was years ago this view was imprinted forever in my mind.  It was the car accident where I no longer looked human, I could no longer talk, the inability to move my neck, head, mouth etc...  My brain today is NOT the same as it was before the accident.  And while I can handle the visual effects of my accident I will forever dream of how gracefully my mind used to process information is the greatest of ease before this day in my life.  While today I make sure I am not over stimulated so not to overwhelm my brain with incoming processes, in days past it didn't matter!  This is a dramatic change!

I MIGHT be able to handle ONE more major accident but more than one would make me a person not related to myself today.  THIS is a life fear for me... this is where I draw the line!  BUT not a line that keeps me from living! I just CHOOSE to live life at full speed every day, and if refusing to hope, is an illness! Then tag me now...

I am a DNR ( do NOT resuscitate) There is no reason! My life is great! My life has been lived the way I wanted to!   May it end another 40 , 50 or even 60 years from now... but when it ends... may it be on MY TERMS!

To each of you... I can only hope YOUR wishes for your life, for your DEATH ( it will come, like it or not) are on YOUR terms... with or without the support of the medical field.

At the end of the article ...
a new Collaboration is in the beginning .. something new for the medical field to accept!  They do NOT always know what is best for every patient.  While we are all general... we are all human... we are NOT all alike!

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