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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I needed hay... I had 4 bails left, one had to be thrown out so we got in another 40 or so...
After that we dug some holes for grasses I hope to get from a friend later, as well as a few more down the hill from the barn for hopefully some shade plants as well.  I am not asking him for specific things... so ... what ever I get I will VERY happy with.

But of course with the guys conversations of riding came up...
I said I would jump on Sweet Pea if I didn't have to pay them for the time... and so...

I grabed a rope, hopped on, and showed them you don't need a saddle or a bridle or even a halter as long as you have a hay string...

Sweet Pea was in heaven, diss connecting front from hind, and going left right, doing circles backwards, doing a little of a trot backing up on command... She loves to work! She enjoyed the little "show off" secession while I talked to the guys, what I was doing, why she is as good as she is all while I kept her mind busy doing something leading from one signal to the next. 

When I gave her the signal to rest... and got off... she just stood there! IS THAT ALL ? But it was after 7pm and I had to get the guys back, had to get them paid, and needed to do a little more studying

But I am as bad as her!
I wanted so much more myself, but at least she was made a little happier than yesterday!

I may just have to jump on her more often, but rarely in this heat and humidy do I have on pants, normally I am wearing a skort to the barn, if not shorts, a Tshirt, and rarely ever my boots!

I am very calm tonight thinking of how happy she was!
Life with a horse is SO much,while a part of me wants to say EVERYTHING... as I am not the same person with out a horse... BUT it is A LOT with me! but not everything. 

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