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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The news today is not urgent but sounds bad enough.... and looks horrible!

Navarre has a horribly infected area on his leg. 
Why am I just now noticing this?
Well actually I checked it for heat EVERY morning and every night and only felt heat in it on the day the last injury happened.

Sweet Pea is in charge, and she is very good at kicking Navarre.  She tends to kick him in the same leg and with in centimeters of the last kick each time.    So as the kicks add up over a weak of "heat" it gets worse and worse.   Trust me I put my hands all over my horses twice a day, I check them no matter how much of a hurry I am in.  Especially with Sweet Pea being as dominant as she is and Navarre being as ... Clumsy

Each day I check it, pull up the hair as much as I can put neosporine on it PM and Swat on it AM... today I pulled at the hair and it fell off.  Leaving a horrible pocket of pus in its place.  So out came the saline solution, hydrogen peroxide, and then the neosporine... no swat this morning... Tonight I will shave the area and repeat after taking warm water to wash it even better.  I may even put some vet wrap on it as bad as it is.  If this was a normal horse the leg would be broken, stressed, or the horse already lame and needing to be separated.  Being a coldblooded work style horse he seems to take it better physically than I have ever seen of such injuries. 

Life goes on, and life is good
Take note of the little things in your life! Someone doesn't have as much as you do...

my love to the world.

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