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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My newly erected fence!

Yes it is arcaic, Yes it will be gone in very little time, but it cost me no money and is keeping my wall climbing little girl IN the pasture.

I have so many things that are going on at the barn.
I traded labor with a friend for some of his grasses (decor) --- so that means I need to go dig some more holes as well.!   I am putting them UP the hill from the barn and around the whitch hazel tree I planted this spring.
I also need to be getting hay to the barn but with all the rain I can't drive my 4x4 to the barn.  The slope, the MUD, and the new fences make it a tighter fit and not worth the risk.

I am hoping to have a break in the weather through tomorrow when I have Robbie scheduled to assist me in getting in some hay. 

Life is good here! I can not complain....
I am studying all I can, but it is not enough, I need a quiet house with no phones, an ink pen that will not run out! and I need to be reading everything aloud! for some reason that helps? 

this is a typical morning here!
The kids awaiting my arrival to give them food, as I travel up the mountain in the fog to make sure they are ok!

Yep Electric fence on the new fence  so they can get into the the shaded area with the fence tape!

All my love to the world!

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