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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Typical of a person with animals... I was up by 4:30, had a new pot of french press coffee by 5am.  I got my wool skirts in the drier with the dry cleaning bag etc... Washing all my fragile things while the wools do their thing...

Then I get to was all the horse things with bleach to clean the washer and drier before I start in on the clothes for the week.

Sweet Pea has been sick sense my last post, and yes the hay is from the same place as what she was eating but I think it was the pasture time that got to her.  SO I have made sure any feed given has been well soaked in hot water given electrolytes and made as easy to digest as possible.  In only these 5 days she has started to loose weight, bloat in the mornings, but she is still pooping, has good gut sounds and is not running a fever so... really there is no reason to call the vet, I am just having to watch her VERY closely.

The news today is a bear... Someone up the mountain shot at the backside of a bear ? Saying it killed one of his goats.  I very seriously doubt a bear killed the goat! I would bet money a coyote got the goat and a bear walked up on the situation taking over the meat.  I say this because berries were really good this year, our grasses with grains are perfect and the nuts are coming in nicely.  Now ... the other side of the story is ... this would make a little more sense if the bear was rabid...so I do worry about that! BUT not enough to cause me any real issues. 

I just don't understand why anyone would shoot a bear in the backside as it is running away! So now we are all keeping an eye out for this bear.  Yes I have frequent visits from bears... they leave a trail / path of trash through my property where they come to the barn get something and drag it back into the woods as they head back off my little place.  I could care less... they have never bothered my horses, and my mare is not as scared here as she was the last place where bears would grub at the barn for worms and insects in the logs along the driveway to the barn. 

Every animal has its place and bears, bob cats,  coyotes, not to forget the pesky raccoons, and opossums all have their place.  The last two are really more my issue as they carry a horrible virus that can make my horses very sick as it settles into the spinal cord and basically paralyzes their back end.  EPSM not to be confused with Navarre's PPSM totally different.  EPSM is common and yes is even carried by your cat.  So even with a barn cat it is important to keep your animals healthy and up on all their shots! 

The farrier was suppose to give my kids new shoes LAST MONTH, he lost his assistant so he runs behind all the time now.  I'm OK with it! but I can't ride even if I want to at this point.  He was going to come Sunday! YEP! he is now working 7 days a week to keep his clients happy (can't ask for any more than that!) BUT it rained all night Saturday and there was no way he was going to make it up to the barn... so ... another missed appt for the kids.    Navarre's left front with that horrible abscess is starting to look really bad with chunks of the wall gone, but the abscess is all gone and the trimming this time should cut out any of the festered area in the sole of the foot.  The abscess was just on the bar and running into the heal ... Can't wait to see what it looks like deep in there!

Oh yeah! the lantern... Someone took my lantern from the estate... I have no issues with anyone borrowing my things, but I need my rechargeable lantern back!   It is the only way I can get in and out during the winter months... not to mention I have to feed before sun up tomorrow morning!   I NEED IT BACK ASAP PLEASE... no questions... no issues... No the picture is not my trusty old Coleman rechargeable lantern... but it gets the message across... I THINK?

Hoping my Farrier can come soon.
Hoping the bear survives and is not suffering!
Wishing my little girl Sweet Pea an easier digestion soon.

Just a typical life...
My love to the world.

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