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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

As the Rain moves in for another day of sprinkles and down pours; my horses are in their dry lot that is now turning to ankle deep mud. 

I hate they are required to stay on a dry lot, but with Navarre and his PPSM it is too risky to put them out to pasture.  While the rest of the United States is under heat, fires, and dry conditions ... my area is a lush pool this year.  So a broad leaf spray this next weekend and then a cutting at 12 inches tall should allow my horses enough brown grass for winter consumption in order to lower my hay cost for the cold season ahead. 

I wish I could do more for them now but as long as the grass is green Navarre can't leave his dry lot.

We are doing ok, but the cost of hay is going up quickly! as well as feeds and everything associated with animals due to the torment the rest of the country is under.

Positives.... My 3200 gallon cistern if FULL and thus I should have enough water to make it through the winter! I can only hope the rain in my area continues to come and go till winter sets in.  I do however need to make an insulation area for my gravity feed unless I set up my hand pump.  Only three winters but thus far the hand pump has not been needed.  I can only hope this continues. '

it is almost apple season here... Apples look good, but are not yet ready to eat!

I can only hope life elsewhere gets better quickly. 

My heart goes out to those in wild fire areas...
The shooting over the weekend...
and those who are in a drought so badly they have lost all income for the year.

my love to the world...

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