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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Well... it is only 8:40 am as I start typing this post.  While I am sure it will be much later in the day before I can perfect my emotional upheaval last night.  I figured my horse friends would want a laugh as soon as I could put it into words.

Yesterday was going fine until about 11:45pm when I was woken from a dead sleep, something about my horse... WHAT I screamed... as I put on clothes, tried to find shoes, ran out the front door yelling thank you , oh but thank you... to a woman on my front porch of which I still cant remember her face, what she had on or anything about her except her exceptional kindness of coming off the mountain to get me!

Brown one...  as it sank in...

OH MY GOD... the darkest horse I have on the road in the middle of the night!

KEYS... crap! as I run back into the house for a car key.  Yep just a car key...
I'm driving WELL over what I was suppose to, well over my norm even... OH CRAP again... no gate key, no cell phone, and I have on water shoes, did I even put on pants... oh yea I at least got my shorts on.

My kids are 4 miles away and a thousand feet higher on the mountain than the house.  The road to the barn is curvy, and this time of year we have people who come from all over the world to sleep, swim, fish, and get away from society on the top of Flat Top Mountain.  Some care that I have my horses there, others could care less (only those whom are seasonal... I should say.  Like the guy in the white ford that drove past sweetpea, and slowed to a crawl this morning looking at what was going on.) But my dear neighbor who's house is 250 feet above my barn only 50 feet back made a point to come get me! I call them the Canadians as they always fly a Canadian flag! Love their music, and I rarely see them.  But last night and into early this morning... they were the only ones who came to get me...  I owe them BIG time!

OK... So as I follow my neighbor back to the barn, her driving as fast as mine, but her with her brights on me with my old tires etc... I was so worried ... what if she has been hit in the mean time, oh what am I going to do? how did she get out this time? What the CRAP!!!!!

I pull in ... the Sweet Pea is Standing at the front gate wanting into the pasture.  I can only assume she thinks there is something better to eat in the woods but truly, it is all horrible things for horses, she must have finally ventured out into the road to find better pastures she could get into.  There are TWO men in my driveway watching her with flashlights, as I pull in and scare her into the woods. 

But being her mother... I made my drive up call.  A specific whistle... I walk to the guys to let Sweet Pea calm down from my drive up, ask them if they could possibly call my husband.   He had fallen asleep that fast... 4 miles at racing speeds and my dear one was already asleep! (oh how I wish I could do that! )   But he was sweet enough to bring me the keys!

I walked up to the woods, whistled again... (with only a shake up flashlight I keep in the car) I hear her snort! as she does when she greets me.  I walk down towards the sound and a white blaze appears as she twist her head my way.  I walk over to her give her a big hug... and she follows me to the gate back out of the woods.  I keep hay strings on every gate for this reason, but I graped the rope instead.  As I put it over her neck she freaked and ran off again.

Another whistle
Another hug, and then we just walked back up to the barn, her at my right shoulder as if she had a lead rope on, looking at me for her next move.

As I started up the stairs to the barn, she followed me...
I really thought she was going to walk on the 8x8 deck and walk right back in the fence with me.  BUT she took a right and walked down the sidewalk and then walked down the boulders in the edge of the pasture.????? and then back over to me before I even got in the gate myself.

While I know I have a very athletic horse, I never imagined her climbing a 4 1/2 foot boulder wall like a goat.  YEP! so not only are my kids chewing on trees, one is climbing rocks as easily as a goat!

I rushed back to the house, grabbed the sleeping bag, spent the night in the barn, called Robbie as soon as the sun woke me up, , but no answer yet.  So later I will have to go to the VA and get some men to help me put up a new fence so she can't climb the rocks anymore.  I never figured my rock wall would be the area of escape! But it is...

My dear Saddlebred, SweetPea is a GOAT!

my love to you all...
have a good laugh on me.

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