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Friday, August 31, 2012

I just love it when I go to the barn and my horses look great!   With their feet newly shod, a 1/2 a stall of hay, one dry spot in the mud lot, fresh water in the troft, WOW just feels so good.

I so desperately need this when you've had someone riding on your bumper so close you can no longer see their headlights.  ? Without saying I am guilty of speeding, as no one around here ever is... I was at least going the speed limit but every morning there is someone who gets so close I just want to SLAM on my brakes and see if they are paying attention.  This morning on my way home from the barn... well... I did exactly that.  I will not say what the speed limit was, but I was going over 45 I slowed down to the limit without using my brakes and she just about hit me. 

She backed off... till I got behind a scooter (LOTS of them around here) and again ... but this time I can't believe she didn't hit me.  No one in my car, no kid in her car and I was not going to get any closer to the scooter than I already was. no headlights in  my mirror so I did it... I slammed on my brakes.  Finally she stayed a few car lengths away and I made it home safely. 

Do people not remember the rules of the road? one car length for every 10 miles per hour.  Yes this is CRAZY if you live in a city! It will never work if you live in any area with congestion.  But please the ONLY congestion we have around here is a fire or a school zone... Oh yea... but even the school zones are 35 mph not your typical 15 or 20mph around the rest of the world.  I'm not even asking for much, I just want to see the headlights of the car behind me.

Don't get me wrong... I love a curvy road, I love to go well over the speed limit, I SO ENJOY straightening out a curve OR just figuring out the perfect arch to take it without slowing down, or using my brakes.  So for someone to get on my ass for no reason.... Upsets me more than mucking a 20 horse stall and their all grinders....

Why do people have no respect for other lives in the car ahead of them? Do people really not see their vehicles as dangerous anymore?

Why do people think it is perfectly fine to TRY to push someone up the road? Put on your blinkers and go around, flash your lights, or turn on your emergency flashers if need be, but really people... I do not have gray hair YET, but I assure you every person that gets on my bumper from here out will have a granny crawling car in front of them till we get to the main road! (of which is the fastest speed around here and it's 45mph)   I'm done! I'm over someone being so close to my bumper I can not see their lights. 

but at least my horses calm down my blood pressure and allow me to enjoy life instead of ... want to go after the maniac in the other car...

Oh well thats my normal drive to the barn...

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