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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh how I LOVE having good people around me!

My Ferrier climbed fences (actually took down a gate) to get into my horses yesterday (yes he put it back like he found it)  My point is...

We were VERY late on our shoes this time.  He is busy, I am busy, we have missed each other almost every time on the schedule.

Navarre had that horrible abscess, thus he had no support on that foot.  The poor hoof was a good inch shorter than any other leg (due to wear and tear of no shoe ) and we had to get something on that hoof soon.  It was tearing off in chunks! and while he has the most spectacular wall I have ever seen in MY horses, I didn't want it compromised.  The toe was extremely long, the frog flat due to his weight, and his angle completely OFF walking on his bulb instead of the frog as of yesterday morning. 

I called my Ferrier and expressed my concerns he apparently tried to call me 4 times yesterday and with all my studies I didn't even hear my phone go off. 

So he took it upon himself to work me in... essentially BREAKing  into my estate (because he knows I would want him too) and get those horses done because of how bad Navarre was.  While I am currently working on the way he got IN... I am SO thankful that this person would do what ever it took to get the job done, my animals cared for, and told me what he did ASAP. 

Knowing that if he needed me I'd do the same!  This is what relationships are about! This is how the world is suppose to work!

I LOVE having good people on my equine team. 


New procedures being implemented this weekend! ha ha ha...

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