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Sunday, May 15, 2011

I can breathe

Yesterday continued on a REALLY GOOD course.  He drank from other sources (water buckets) as the day continued.  His body functioned more normally and his walking continued to improve.  What I didn't post yesterday is that he was SO soar he could hardly walk.

Sweetpea would come and greet me at the  fence while Navarre stood at the barn with his head down.  He never used his back muscles to lift his head anymore than I required when I tied him up to check him.

BUT today his head was higher and his back muscles softer to the touch.  I am extremely happy with the progress I have seen in him over the weekend.    I have all I need to make life changes for him on order and continue everything discussed with the vets.

I am tired and am going to sleep but will make more informed information as I get my schedule back on track.

I want to say thank you to all whom have called, emailed and requested updates through facebook.  It made my life easier not having to return EVERY call, or type/ copy and paste each email.  I appreciate everyones concerns, prayers, and attention to my horse.

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