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Sunday, May 8, 2011

not a mother.. but what a day.

My intentions were to go ride today... with a neighbor, up the mountain, have a little picnic, ride back down, call my mother... have a chat as I sat and listened to my horses eat, roll, and snort to relax.   BUT life always has a way of inflicting its own schedule into our scheduled worlds...

Off to the barn at 8, all was well, both horse at the barn, fed them only about 16oz of feed, gave them 1/2 a flake of hay to share! and started in on my brushing.  To be honest I concentrated on SweetPea, because she was dirty and she was going to be wearing a saddle, something I rarely do to her any more.  She has such a bad back, and loves when I ride bareback ( this has greatly bonded our relationship) BUT she wears a saddle when she works and today was her being in charge of Navarre ponying him up and down the mountain... She loves to work.

I shed bladed Navarre, got basics done on him ... while Sweet Pea was ready for her saddle by the time the girls got to the barn.

Took  a few photos... and I was enjoying the pace of the morning, when all of a sudden as I put the bareback pad on Navarre and ? all of a sudden he was DONE! he had a fit as if he had never been saddled, bucking rearing, snorting, and not wanting to do ANYTHING.

I start with the basics... feet, breathing, heart rate, and temp.
Feet were warm? strange... so I started looking for a pulse... couldn't find one... BUT can't get to his skin either.  My neighbor was nice enough to run home, get scissors and bring them back.  By this time I was already alarmed at the heart rate which was slightly elevated, he is normally so calm and so easy going this was enough for me to know we were getting into trouble. / DONE I called the vet! and sure enough Navarre fell apart not soon after my call.  He didn't want to move anymore, eyes drooped, head fell, and all he wanted was attention; so that is what he got! AFTER getting his feet in cold water.

His stance was a little off! not much, not by so much someone not around him all the time would think anything of it, but enough for loved ones to see it.

His belly barely cornered... distended? but not so tender he reacted to my poking at his belly with fingers or a brush edge.

I called Jerry and he brought the ice we put his feet in ice as soon as it arrived

so ... colitis and foundering  only slightly, only early stages BUT he was already dehydrated by the time the vet got there. No food today or tonight.. This for a horse that is FOOD DRIVEN? oh no?

Pulled everything out, ... fun!
PUMPED his stomach,   went well.
Padded his feet...  
and normally any horse would be on stall rest, but with the EPSM... he can't be stalled or he will tie up.  SO... I stalled SweetPea and made him a SMALL pin around the barn, a nice bedded area just outside of the stall so he could be near Sweetpea and now I can only hope it all passes nicely!   I was sure he would stay near her, BUT being so food driven I was worried about him eating on old nasty hay in the barn yard SO... we pinned it off!

yep... pads.. vet tape and the OLD sure thing... DUCK TAPE... can't have a horse with out it! ha ha ha...

went back to feed Sweetpea and check on Navarre...  

Navarre followed me around like a dog tonight thinking I would give in and give him something... anything mom... Mom?

Sure enough he found a way to reach past my purple shelving unit and got the feed can... So Jerry helped me move 200lbs of feed farther back into the hay stall.

I'll be surprised if he doesn't figure out how to jump in at some point!


Navarre was NOT happy! Where is mine? What do you mean SHE GETS FOOD?

Life with animals is never ending! so once you make that commitment you just have to go with the flow!

MY HAT is off to my vet!  He took my emergency call through the message service and called me promptly! Came just as quick as anyone could ever ask for a house call!   Was easy going, attentive, and left me a list of to do's DON'Ts and what if's... took his time and hand wrote it all out as well as going over everything with me.

Neighbors were understanding, caring, and someone was VERY helpful.  I took my young helper home after 2pm!  This was how long it took us, non stop to get everything perfect for the afternoon.  They offered to help in any way, but I am sure Navarre with be better tomorrow, if not... I'll call the vet, leave the key and ? do what ever else needs to be done.    It is what it is and it never stops!

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