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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It is rolling down hill Fast!

Navarre was a little more stable yesterday.  We did get water down him, and his gums were a little more pink instead of white, they were wet instead of paste...

But pads ? well just about gone, hard to keep him settled.
Fence... pushed down to get to grass again! so... only more issues caused.

I stayed up with him all night!   Belly is more distended this morning, more painful, he is grunting in agony!

So I'll take him as soon as I can.
Trailer is hitched!
Water will be loaded about 5 am.
Back end cleaned out ( has hay in it normally) must have shavings ONLY today.
I'll get ice on the road and I'm taking them both!

If not Navarre is going to be impossible to keep settled, so his playmate must venture out today as well, the last thing I need is a 1,000lb horse not listening today!

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