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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the love a of horse.

I so enjoy the fact all the neighbor hood kids come over to see the horses when ever I am at the barn.  Sometimes we make appointments to ride, sometimes it just happens.

Here are just a few photos that make sharing my animals worth while, for me, my horses and HOPEFULLY other kids that other wise could only look through the fence and dream.

I just missed Sweet Pea giving GG a hug  

LL and her "mount

 Sweet Pea rarely allow ME to touch her ears... but for these kids... it's a given, what they want they get!
I got lucky enough to catch this hug... Sweet Pea hugging LL

It's not just having a horse, but sharing a horse that makes me feel good.   It is the fact that for YEARS I did NOT have a horse but the dream of a horse kept me out of lots of trouble.  The passion, the smell, the physical demands, the money, the rewards of emotion like this picture! The most unbelievable desire to be the best I could because of an animal, the dream of communicating with that animal, the dream of wind blowing the mane and making me feel like I was on a cloud, dreams ... that finally came true for me!   I can only hope it does for one of the 5 kids that come to brush, ride, and be around the horses.

I don't have much but what I have...can be shared by all.

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  1. You are a giver and a nurturer! You always share all that you have, from natural resources to any financial resource you can offer...you share. You teach the world about sharing and I am thankful that you share your life with me!! You are making dreams come true for others.