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Saturday, May 14, 2011

into another weekend.

While NOTHING with Navarre is any better! we are not a lot worse either!

For the FIRST time this week I saw him take a drink of water on his own, and FINALLY got to see a decent manure pile that was a little dry but not as bad as it was on Wednesday.

I'm posting very little as I have VERY little time in my life for ANYTHING other than Navarre.  My poor birds have suffered as my attention went to birds I was sitting.  My dear husband has had nothing but a morning snuggle no more than 5 minutes long, JUST before I roll out of bed at 4 am each morning.  My boss has gotten nothing but what I HAD to do to get and keep her clients happy.  I have had no time, no personal time, and barely eaten all week.  I am in such worry by the time I get home, check on Navarre, and get utterly depressed I am ANGRY!  to the point, when Jerry asked about Navarre... I'm snapping at him!   Look... I'm not a nice person right now... I don't want to talk about it!   In other words leave me the F^@% ALONE!   He doesn't need, or diserve it... he just isn't a horse person and can't help me so ... it's a little hard to even get into... having to explain everything in detail every time he asked.  I AM such a HORRIBLE person right now! but I am sorry! and I DO dearly love my husband... I'm just SO D@^* tired!  

I sit here ONLY because I can breath a sigh of relief than Navarre drank on his own this morning... ( after making sure I was offering the thing 4 (YES FOUR) choices of types of water.  City water, rain water (lots of storms last two days) and purchased drinking water and my roof water.  OF COURSE he choose to drink the purchased bottled water!  What the heck! at this point I could care less about having to go get another 5 gallons of water IF it makes him drink it.

I have no idea what stresses caused this horse to tie up! I have no idea how his electrolytes got soooo off whack  and I have NO idea how I am going to get it back to normal and keep it that way.

YES we are changing his diet, YES he is only on dry lot, YES I am walking him as much as I can... morning and night... Today having the day off ... we are putting that task at every two hours or so... BUT even that could be too much for him at this point.  So it is all up in the air... basically I am at the mercy of an animal that can not tell me what he WANTS... and I can not express to him what I NEED him to do.

Started new...
RICE BRAN OIL instead of the corn oil... both my kids got corn oil during the winter, for Navarre's EPSM ( PPSM) or for heat!  Yes it is cheaper to add heat to a horse with oil instead of grain... and it saves money on the hay.    Yes i have several sources of hay... about 100 bails each... YES I have them ALL cored and know what their contents are! So I mix and match my needs based on what ever is going on with weather, health, or performance demands.    I had stopped the corn oil a month ago as he was getting TOO hot with all his hair, the spring heat over 70 degrees... I could have started this by not having an oil in his gut?
SweetPea looks like a bronze statue with her coat shinning like silk... Navarre?  After the shave took off most of his hair / he looks like every other horse in town.  Normal, but not silky smooth like he should.  SO note to self.. always have oil in Navarre's gut!  Rice bran more expensive, but takes less, and does more in the long run.

Vitamin E and Selenium ... One reason I mixed my hay so much was my area is about NULL and VOID when it comes to minute traces of Selenium...   Yes Selenium can be dangerous for a horse, so we never want to over do it!  If your horse get ANY vitamins ... Selenium is likely in it and DON'T add any more!   History shows horses in this area are mostly low in Selenium, so this issue is nothing new.  Can I just tell you this STUFF STINKS! While it is dry it is not so bad, but once my oil hits it!  Watch Out! it smells like fish! and doesn't wash off your hands very easily!

Poor Navarre has worked up to a flake and a half a day... still not enough to keep him happy!  I have salt blocks all over the place but he only really likes the PINK Hemilian Salt blocks... ? What the heck, so I am making an order later for as many as I can afford.  ( So much for silly blocks at the feed store! ) Yes I will eventually work him back into the cheap stuff, but right now... I just need him to eat his electrolytes and DRINK!!!!! darn it!

He is back on the ULCER Guard... that stuff is $40.00 a day!   we are soon to be back on maintaince instead of treatment dosage.  ? but it is what it is...

I have him on Electrolyte Syringes till I can get him to drink the water with it in it! So apparently they are working, as of this morning at least.

ok... while I am NOT done with this post... my egg breakfast is ready and I need to eat!

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