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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On our way .

While Navarre is not back to any sort of normal he is out of as much danger as before.

His gut is doing much better, his back is softer, although his legs are still very tight they too are better than before.

We are well on our way.
Vets yesterday want to check him for cushings disease.  which could be slowing down our recovery time as well as give us another insight to what is going on inside of him.  So I am working out the schedule and we will get this process in place as well.  It is an all day test at the Dr's office so I will not be able to be around all day to see what all they do.

MY concern as a "parent" is Navarre is never stalled and is never alone.  two things that will be going on that day!   BUT I'll deal with that when the time comes and we ( as his health team) can only hope it doesn't throw him into another tying up episode.

Life is getting back to normal, I am getting MORE tired as each day gets easier ... only because I function in emergencies on auto pilot now as all the adrenalin is used an no longer stored for my daily activities... I am finding myself more and more tired each day.  This too will pass!   Getting sleep ( laid in bed till almost 7am) I was up but was resting.

Getting back to normal... what ever that is.

Navarre, almost white! which is unusual... I have brushed him every morning, every night to help him relax.  At this moment Sweetpea was down in the pasture with LL ( a little girl that loves Navarre, but will love on Sweetpea when Navarre isn't well )  Significance.... Navarre never leaves Sweetpea's side!  Still wasn't up to following her around.

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