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Monday, May 9, 2011

I wish I didn't worry so much!

I have done Monday Shipping for Pirates' Lair ...
I have done my billing for the weekend....
I am dreading going to the barn!  It's not that I have a horse in stall and have to pick,clean, and repair the bedding.   I can't stand the fact Navarre was not drinking as much as we need him to.  I put equine tea in his water, to entice him a little.  I am sure this will work wonders...   I keep telling myself! ha ha ha

Life is always full speed, I just wish I could let certain things roll off.  It just NEVER works that way for me with these animals.    I am sure this is only ONE more reason it was a good choice for me not to have any children.  Boy would I be a wreck!

I have no idea how all you people do it! My hat is off to all the parents out there that do it all.

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