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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Not used to it!

Yesterday was a wonderful day.

I got 99% of my daily to do list done, fell asleep on the sofa, and woke just 20 minutes before time for us to leave for dinner.  Jerry and I RARELY go out to dinner anymore due to the economy.  But this day we were going to dinner with Karl, the guy that finished and did such an incredible job on my barn.

I found Karl through a neighbor Tim.  Tim lives up the mountain on the top! LITERALLY! I ride to his house and turn around ( when the horses are not sick) Tim had stopped ONLY once before, seeing I had such a crew of Hispanics assisting with my massive fence project years ago...   He brought us all drinks, stating he hadn't seen a crew work so hard in so long he thought we all deserved a break.   So Tim struck me as a good guy from the start!  Not biased of my workers, and making sure I didn't over work them!   I like this in a human!

This Second stop... he said... I've got a friend down on his luck that could help you with what ever your building.  I decided to at least look into the offer.  Tim offered to bring him by, thus we made an appointment to meet.

Karl was this guy! I remember Karl as timid, no strong eye contact, unless you asked him a construction question.  Then his eyes beamed his face lit up and he answered every lay-mens question I could think of with a direct look to my eyes.    I've been down on my luck who hasn't? so I made a deal with the guy and our working relationship started soon there after.

At dinner last night we were laughing, giggling, and smiling so much my face hurt.  We didn't meet Karl for dinner, Karl took us OUT TO DINNER to say thank you.  

Just last night Karl was telling Jerry about his most fearful experience with me.  Not four days into our working, I  backed into Karl!  You know when too people are going for the same thing and one gets there JUST before the other and they bump into each other.   I apologized and said... sorry I didn't have on my rear view mirrors.  I thought NOTHING of it!  Karl apparently for that very second, was scared for his lively hood, thinking I would make sure he never worked for another person etc... I can't believe the fear, wish I had known only to ease his mind.  I'm human! I made the move backwards, but Karl was sure I was going to make him pay the price for my mistake.

You do have to understand, we were out in the middle of no where! I was a woman spending most of my time with a strange man of which I had no idea of his background.  So it was Karl that was more worried, more cautious, and SERIOUSLY respectful of my space, my property, and my ability to pay him.

In my mind, I was the lucky one!  I knew with all the quotes from local builders I was NEVER going to be able to build my barn with a professional.  Karl on the other hand was a professional who just needed a ride to work.  He had ALL the tools and such skill! Skills I was used to seeing or having access to with men in my family, but I was/ AM alone out here! No FAMILY No Men to help just me.... to make life work, or do all the work!  

Troy and I started the barn, dug for the post, set the post, set the basic framing... but Troy was here on another job and I could not continue to abuse his time ... Karl was the answer to everything Troy had no time for.  And even Troy liked Karl and his skills!

Karl and I began to open up to each other as time went on, noticing when each of us was having a hard day etc... But Karl was a rock! He was NEVER late, Never expected anything of me, and rarely asked me for anything other than supplies a head of time they were needed.   I enjoyed our morning rides, going over our to do list, supply list, and how he could make things work easier for me.  Near the end of the barn project I missed our morning talks, as Karl had purchased a work truck and was hauling everything himself.   I have to call him every once in a while just to make sure I do not loose contact with him!  He is one of those people that is now special in my little NC family.

I would not have a barn if it were not for Tim, Troy, and most of all Karl!  I always felt like I was the lucky one, just being open enough to listen and give someone else a chance to help me, while I try to help them.  I would never been able to move the horses to the estate without all this help.  But there was Karl at dinner... saying He was the lucky one!   How he had been given so much by the work over on the estate.   Someone who was thankful of work! that in itself is rare for todays times.

We never know what the little things we do, can do to change the day or lives of other people.

Karl is a remarkable man, he is one of the rare men of today!
True to his word,
Will treat you as good as you treat him.
VERY respectful
An extremely hard worker, he gives over 100% each day. Never late, Never slacking... rain, snow sleet or shine ( he was A LOT more reliable than the Post Office... ha ha ha.. )
He is a man I would recommend for any job,
IF I had a place to rent out he would be the perfect tenant!

Last night was different for me, as I am not used to such a personal thank you!  Our dinner was incredible, our conversation top notch, the three of us were there for over two hours enjoying the company.  It was a night to remember.

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