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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To Do List for the day!

It is a rare weekday ... as I have the day off!

Having said that,  it is merely a farce... 

My day off will consist of....
    • Get the birds out, dragging two of three cages into the yard for a GOOD washing.  ... DONE
    • Cleaning out the truck bed... it is FULL of too many things to list, and the truck is at the center of my day! Not to mention I have workers to pick up and NO WHERE for them to sit in my buck seat cab, FULL of ??? things that can not be in print!   ha ha ha...  DONE 
    • Putting the birds cages back in the house BUT in the living and dinning rooms, as I need to vaccume, mop, and wax their room... but this will be in stages through out the day. DONE 
  • By 10am I need to leave go pick up two guys at the VA, then proceed to go get some hay from a friend.  Yes it is last years hay, but he has a VERY NICE set up, with very protected, but  well ventilated area.  Considering I lost my local supply for 200 plus bails for this winter,  I am above appreciative to get ANY of his left overs.  He is good man! One who shares what he has, as I would him!   But yes I play fair... I am purchasing the hay!     I can only imagine it will take me +/- 3 trips due to the high grade of road from his farm to my estate.    I ran LATE!!!! 
    • I then I need to stock my barn with a mixture of the two hays so not to mess up the digestive tract of my horses.  DONE 
All of this before the heat hit 80 I can only hope!  

    • Then I have to do work for Pirates' Lair!  DONE 
  • Then I need to clean out the guest room, it is after all almost our anniversary and I somehow find motorcycles traveling through town this time of year that need a room, food, and a few supplies for their trip!   Happy to do it!  But need to get prepared!     STILL ON MY LIST! oh well , not so bad for one day! 
My day OFF is ? like any other... a day FULL of work!   But I am excited to get some of these things off my list today!   

I can only hope I accomplish what I need! 
Wish me luck! I'll need it!
6 of 7 done...

now by 9pm... I'm off to bed! 

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