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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cool air!

While the last few nights have been in the 60's (what is going on?)  out of the norm... we slide back into the 40's tonight... Of course just after I planted 13 different types of basil.  7 different tomato plants, more corn , beans, pumpkins? Not to forget the 8 types of sage at the gate.  5 types of tyme, and several rosemary and lavender plants all perfect for COOKING!!!!!!

 I love spring!

I just can not get in tune with mother nature this year.

I am however hoping to have the afternoon off tomorrow!

What are my plans...up for shipping, horses, birds, (the norm every silly animal woman does)
After I make breakfast at the b&b... clean a few rooms... prep for the next day...
Home for...
A mid day date with my sweet love,
 possibly dinner? we shall see, what I crave and what he craves are NEVER the same... you just have to laugh!
 then on to the garden where I HOPE to do more work.

The rains have brought back in the chill of the season! I am only hoping my tender plants are going to be ok! if not... well ? something will survive, and what doesn't will have new seeds planted by the weekend.  I'll just have to consider it new space.

Neighbors are starting to like my shared space....
cucumbers, tomatoes, and squash are in place by one family... more cucumbers and tomatoes put in by yet another... And yet a third has mentioned potatoes and or kale? we shall see... but like my forefathers... the land is there and we can all share as long as we all play fare!

Much love to the world!

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