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Sunday, October 16, 2011

ER visit, due to horse. NOT ME!

Not me, but even worse.....

My wonderful neighbor that loves Sweet Pea, but rides Navarre because he is the safer horse! got a taste of being a real horse woman today.

? We were out having fun, riding and seeing the mountain sides.

The day was PERFECT!

We put the horses in the trailer and went down the road. Crossed a side- less wooden bridge... * a big deal for both young rider and young horses.

Lily is SO good at this! She gives it no thought any more and Navarre just follows her signals...

We went up a gravel drive and followed the flags from a race earlier in the day back and around to the barn.

We were just about to meet up with David ... more people is always a good thing.

Horses love to stay together, I just wanted to make sure to allow Navarre and which ever horse David brought to smell each other and get it in their head who was going to be over whom so we could have an uneventful ride...

Sweet Lily ended up ? well OFF the horse on the ground in a moments notice... as it always happens. All I saw was Navarre's head all the way down, and her HIT the ground BOUNCING her poor little head HARD. I rushed off my horse over to her, ask her not to move, I was calling Mommy.

I called her mother, had her stay still till Brenda got there so WE could evaluate what we wanted to do.
NOW just note I would have called  911 BEFORE Brenda had I had ANY idea I need too.

Having said that! the "Judy" came out in me... Called Brenda, I really need you to come get Lily, she has had an accident, she is ok, but has ... landed and I am not moving her till you get here.

In the mean time I'm asking the poor thing a million questions,

Calling Brenda AGAIN... Have you left the house, bring ICE... swollen lip, bleeding,

Called David up the road, ask him to come help me. ? I am after all with someone else's child.
Brenda shows up, having been only down the road at the grocery store... frozen peas in hand... napkin... Such a wonderfully prepared mother.
Lily is ? fine gets up and walks to the car. ? I'm still worried but it does not appear anything is broken.  I was worried about her shoulder etc...

They got home , and at some point Brenda could not find her teeth!
I'm in panic over the phone when I hear this... She's 11 it's adult teeth... I can't breathe waiting for the next thing out of Brenda's mouth.
Brenda takes her to the ER...  Picture on FACEBOOK
Teeth are loose but will be ok. They were embedded in the lip!
LIP? THREE stitches, along with collecting SEVERAL horse stories from all the nurses and doctors in the ER, and pain medication for next few days.

From what we can figure... Navarre raised his head into hers and probably bucked
Last time Sweet Pea did that to me I had two black eyes and a knot on my head.  But I've never seen teeth disappear like hers did!

NOW all to Lily's GOOD nature, she says she was never in any dire pain.
I am told she told the doctors she will get back on the horse.

Thank GOD I never had kids! I worry enough with every one else's!
Oh just look how good she looks on him!
They were so cute together!

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